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Chinatown Community Fridge and Pantry

Student-Run Chinatown Community Fridge
(96 Baxter Street, New York)


At Chinatown Community Fridge and Pantry, we strive to support a food-insecure community with a diverse selection of culture-considerate fresh produce, hot meals, baked goods, hygiene products, and other necessities. Chinatown is a rich cultural community whose high population of working-class immigrants is combatting COVID-19 racism, gentrification, and more. This feeds into food insecurity, and with Chinatown’s poverty rate at 24%, we must do whatever it takes to help those in need. We are partnering with local small businesses, organizations, and food pantries to form a solidarity of passionate community members while reducing food waste.



  • We are the only community fridge located in the heart of Chinatown.

  • Chinatown is a neighborhood with one of the highest poverty rates in the city, and suffers food insecurity disproportionately.

  • Rising property value and rent due to gentrification strains the livelihoods and financial security of many who are already living on the poverty line.

  • COVID-19 and racism forced small businesses to shut down and left families to fend for themselves

  • Many of Chinatown’s residents live on food stamps and cannot speak English, or do not have English as their first language. Many residents are immigrants who have no native support in NYC.


  • Leadership: Our board consists of ten directors who are all talented and qualified in their respective fields and have experience with their title. 

  • Social Media Outreach: Our Instagram account and website will be used to update the public. We highlight important events in Chinatown related to our mission.

  • Communication: An Instagram account, Facebook group, Discord server, website, and email address are all managed by Chinatown Community Fridge and Pantry members.

  • Volunteer Network: 70+ high school volunteers currently volunteer after-school and on weekends to maintain the fridge. Adults volunteer during hours students can't. 

  • Experience, Passion, and Compassion: We put in the work and effort to maintain the fridge for the community!



We commit to full transparency, and share regular updates about the initiatives we are planning. We are clear about how our money is being spent. Funds raised will go towards the fridge’s shelter, utility costs, website maintenance, flyers and posters, cleaning products, grocery restocks for local vendors, and free PPE and menstrual products. Any money we don’t use will be redirected to other community projects.


  • A network of knowledgeable professionals and volunteers who are able to help out during school hours, from 8am to 3pm, and after school hours, from 3pm to 6pm.

  • Reliable funding and  financial support for the fridge.

  • Partnerships with local small businesses, organizations, and food pantries to reduce food waste and have a diverse, healthy, and reliable supply of food to restock on a daily basis for our community.

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